Are you looking for a page that explains the Extended Euclidean Algorithm in a clear way? Do you want to know how to calculate a multiplicative inverse of a number modulo n using the Extended Euclidean Algorithm? Or are you looking for an Extended Euclidean Algorithm calculator? Then you have come to the right place!

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Why are you here? To understand the Extended Euclidean Algorithm, or to copy example code implementations of the algorithm?

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If you're completely new to the Extended Euclidean Algorithm, then quit watching time wasting youtube videos and read these pages instead: If you want to know how to calculate the multiplicative inverse, then read the above mentioned pages and also:


Because I like you so much I have also build an Extended Euclidean Algorithm calculator, just for you! It can also be used for the (non-extended) Euclidean Algorithm and the multiplicative inverse. Do you think it's a weird calculator with stupid tables or don't you understand how to interpret the output? Then read the pages listed above/in the menu. They explain how it works.

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